Why do I start blogging?

There are two reason why I start my own blog.

Number 1 : My interest to Internet marketing and it’s technology:e-Business, e-commerce, SAP, CRM etc..

I developed my interest toward internet and digital technology during my studied in the UK. I took a postgraduate degree with a major in marketing and business management that allow me to learnt the latest marketing concept: E-business and E marketing.

For those two subjects I learnt, I always gained a respect from my lectures.I always received A. How to say, I really have a huge interest to those subjects and therefore could deliver the best result in the class ever.

I remember the first article that I wrote was Easyjet. It is a well known UK’s budget airlines in Europe. My task was to analyse how eBusiness impact the company’s profitability.  By applying eBusiness to their airplane business, easyJest is successfully do a huge of savings. Simple thing that they save for instance: Pepper (less pepper work, because the customers print their own ticket) and reduce number of resources, specifically for staff admins.

Afterward, I also I analysed the success of transporter’s company like UPS. On how ebusiness really deliver an excellent time saving for them.

Started from there, I did another few articles that I wrote and published exclusively for University. I knew from that time, my interest start in an internet marketing and it’s technology. However, I found a difficulty on how to apply my knowledge after coming back to Jakarta. I didn’t have a specific experience on hands.

I decided to write a blog of my interests that I would like to share to a public. Yes, I am a lifestyle blogger:)

Right now, I am still working on how to find a niche of my blog – I hope soon it will find it shapes.

Number 2: I want to have my own business. A business that I am passionate with. 

I started many kind of businesses from selling clothing online, spa owner to become a traders for Eco products from Indonesia. Nothing is lasting:(. There is always two sides of coins: Good and Bad. But It can’t stop me from my dream to be independent financially and have a freedom of time.
In here, I am not doing a trial and error. I will just do my best and hope for the best.

Being honest, I still have no idea on how blogging will provide a time and financial freedom. I am still working on it. But I know, blogging give me a media to express my thoughts while I am sharing it too. Anyway, I have so many plans in my life, that I will record the journey in here.

One thing I always believe, I know that, the success will follow.

This is my life, this is my way, this is how I am doing it:)

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