Who is this?

Hi There, please call me Nika. This is my first blogs (well not really:)) that I want to be seriously writing.

I am Indonesian, currently is living in Surabaya, East java. I have been living in some cities and some countries (Singapore, Denmark, Germany, UK and Indonesia;p). I am an open minded girl, smart (you will know when you meet me:p), dreamer, food lovers, pink addict, fashionista wanna be hahaha…

Single and 30s, well not bad. Don’t loose hope and faith, keep looking and stay fabulous. Enjoy your life as much as possible in a positive way, continue lerning and let God do the rest.

My motto, we live one time only, so live your best!.

I hope by reading my blogs, we can share our thoughts, and learning one to each others with many topics around, from hobbies, traveling, lifestyle, friendship, to  loves and life.

How to be in touch?: please write an email to: nikahalim80@gmail.com

PS: Please respect me NOT TO COPY my pictures in this blog without my permission. They are free, but let’s respect each other yes? – Love you all.

Stay fabulous. xx

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