Special dating experience for long distance relationship couple

Since, We are back together, We are facing distance and time zone situation. Everything exactly in the same condition as we used to be. He lives in Europe and I am in Asia. We have 6 hours time difference.

Instead of complaining about our situation, we both are now become more creative in finding the way to create our special moment together, just like a normal couple, as much time as possible whenever it possible too.

It isn’t easy but yes rewarding for every online and offline occassion that we spent until the day we finally can be united, living together under the same roof. Here are few tips we did so far in maintaining our feeling and relationship:

1. Set a schedule for visiting each other

Nothing is better than having your beloved one next to you. Feeling the presence of each other is important.

For LDR couple, money and time is the biggest issues that we have to deal with. However, it shouldn’t stop us. Therefore, advance plan is necassary to create in order to have a real meeting.


The begining of this year, we spent new year holiday together. I was visiting my boyfriend in Zurich, Swiss where he works and lives.

We spent time for a week together as I don’t have much holidays given by my employer in home country.

Since we plan it together, we look for a cheapest flight, calculating the budget and have sometime to prepare. My boyfriend also helps me to pay for the flight. Thus circumstances we face it together as the consequances of being a LDR couple.

2. Be creative by creating a memorable online dating experience via skype.

The communication technology is improving nowdays. We normally use Skype for seeing each other online and using Viber for calling each other.

But, last weekend we did something extraordinary. We had a special dating via Skype. Both of us are having a foods in our local home. It was dinner time on my side and lunch time on his side.


The challenge that is often happen is the wifi or 3G connection. Anyway, we don’t care as we carry on for trying hard  skyping each other:)

We love this idea, having an online dating experience. Our next dating schedule is on valentine’s day. We would like to watch movie together. Again, in different location:)

3. Set a goal and time frame for your relationship

Just like any other realationship, both of you should know where is your relationship heading for.

Always have an open discussion about it with your partner. By knowing your goal in a relationship, both of you will have a better hope and faith.

Set a time frame about when two of you will finally live together. A relationship without a goal and no end will be tiring for mind and it is not so healthy.

Knowing where you stand and both of you will be able to overcome the issues.  Remember, until we finally together again!.

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