If you have to choose between Love and Career – For LDR couple

For the past few weeks I have been challenged by a temptation to choose between my love’s life or career.

I got an offer from my boss of my dream job. A new role that I was desprately wanted. A new position that I always dream about.

I discuss this to my boyfriend. He is very supportive to my decision and my career. Maybe because he is a kind of a guy who see a girl with career is sexy and hot;).

However, we have to be realistic and inlign with our personal plan too. We have to ensure if a new career will not effect our relationship in unwanted way.

1. Always discuss about your decision to your partner

Our plan is to be together as soon as possible. There are many areas still that we need to sort out, for instance about the religion issue. While we are working on it, we are also making a plan to be together within next year.

If it happens, we agree that I will join him in the place where he lives.

So, my first tought about this opportunity is that I should let my employer knows that I won’t stay for long haul. Because if we plan to get marriage this year or next year than I will move from my country to join my future husband.

I guess this is a fair condition for the employer to know where is their employee in the next few years after taking this role.

2. Always find the best reason only

in my case, it will be a hard situation for both of us. I have to give up my current career in order to join him in the future and have to adapt in a new environment. Start everything new, trying to find a job or a business in a new place, culture and language barrier.

Also for my boyfriend side, he always want someone who also has a career. He doesn’t like a woman who relying her life to a man or just sitting around.

However, we have to overcome this if we want to be together and stop arguing about this. Instead, we see a big picture. It is important for us to be together. So we agree to compramise and that is a best reason for us at this moment.

We never know what our future hold to. But we don’t want to waste our life for not making any decision.

This quote below really represent my feeling…“Trust that everything happens for a reason, even when you’re not wise enough to see it”. Oprah

2 thoughts on “If you have to choose between Love and Career – For LDR couple

  1. waaah inspiratif sekali..dan yah krna hidup adalah pilihan bukan essai mau gk mau hrs ada yg dikorbankan #tapibo’ong
    bisa jd masukkan,kebetulan aku jugak LDR dan aku bru merintis karir blm kpikiran menikah jugak kyk miss fabolous 30..hehehe
    smoga langgeng dan sukses smuanya yaaa..
    dan buat aku ,kdg kita hnya butuh menunggu stelah smua ikhtiar yg dilakukan..
    cause beautiful things coming in the right time,when we are ready :*

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