When I loose my brain and mind aka lost concentration

I and every other girls want to have a saturday full of bliss.

This Saturday, I took my baby rushty – a name for my car, a Toyota type Rush for a routine service.

As soon as I arrived in the car workshop, I could’t find a check up books of my car. Which I need for record. Soooo, I couldn’t do a full service but only to change the machine oil.

After, I registered my car in a customer service, he asked for my key car and damn, I forgot where it was. We were looking everywhere in my car and couldn’t find it!?!.

Until finally, one officer found a key somewhere in this waiting sofa.


Puiiihh almost….

I handed my car key to the customer service. My face become pinky…a result of loosing concentration that really embrasse me…hehe…


So my car was finally somewhere in a service area. I took this picture from waiting room or lounge. I enjoy coffee and snacks, also a speed wifi!! So I am relaxing browsing to the net.

Have a nice weekend !!!

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