Start early to own your property, invest your income in middle class apartment

Property business in Indonesia is booming so fast. Between 2006 to 2010, there are so many mall developed in big cities of the country, such as Jakarta and Surabaya.

Ever since, the development sector has moved to residential segment. The demand of housing in a big cities are growing. Therefore, the price for land and landed house is increased. With businesses concentrate in a central, many people, especially young couples look for an appartment. The purpose is to save them from heavy traffic and have more quality time with family.

Those reasons above create a new segment business for developer. Right now, there are so many new apartment is on progress.

High demands in property, especially in appartment business is also supported by national banks. It is now easy to get apartment loans with competitive rate. Besides, developer also offer the buyers variety of payment method.

There are a hard cash payment. In which you can have directly installement to developer for duration between two to three years. Or, choose for a down payment of 30% of total property price, agan you can choose installment method. Then, apply for a bank loan for the rest of money.

To my opinion, this time is a good time to be an investor on a property, focus to buy apartments. If we don’t use it for ourselve, we can rent it. It means, we can get passive income.

I bought my first apartment on 2011. Now I have another 2. I only buy a medium class apartment. Choosing the easiest payment method, direct installment for DP to developer. And move to the bank after it is done.

I think about long term. So I really in a very thigh money for living. But continue gain high return for my property value.

Whatever your strategy and way of invest your money, I only think to do it early as as soon as possible.

However, before you decide which property you are going to buy, learn about it location and prospect first.

Remember to always becareful with your money:)

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