I want a husband who love to dance with me in everyday lives

One of my hobby is dancing Salsa. Well, I actually love to dance everything:) – When I dance, I feel free and gain so much positive energy.

When I was in England, I had a Polish boyfriend. In his culture, dance play important role in a family gathering. In every wedding or other family event, people are require to come to the floor to dance. So we drink and dance and everything is gonna be alright!.

In fact, dance and music had become our lifestyle and affect our relationship a lot. I Remember that everyday we always dance. No matter how though our day was. We dance in the kitchen while we were preparing dinner, in our bedroom before we went to sleep, even we dance on the street!! Haha…really dance could change people moods instantly.

Oh well, what made us madly fallen in love was, in our first informal date that was setup by,our good friend Chikuado, we actually dance and be a partner on a dance floor.

My ex made me relize on how much I love dancing. He swore to me that I dance much better than a Polish girl. Unbelieveable!!!

Now, I am choosing to seriously learn to dance salsa. Because salsa is an energatic dance and very fun, full of smiles and joy.

I even pray to god “dear God please send me a husband who loves to dance with me”. I don’t look for a dancer to be my hubby or a someone who know how to dance. I just want a husband who can enjoy the dance and music in life. No metter how our condition will be, but will always eat, dance, and love each other.

One thought on “I want a husband who love to dance with me in everyday lives

  1. aweeee so sweet..i thought you are not romantic at all,i was wrong.ckckckc you’re so romantic, eat ,love and dance with your hubby awee aweee..:p

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