Visit Jogjakarta: Lunch in Bale Raos Restaurant, an Authentic Javanese Royal Foods

I made a short trip to Jogjakarta recently. This city is well known for its heritage, old Javanese kingdom, Keraton Jogjakarta, Borobudur and prambanan temples, and strong Javanese culture that is still well maintained.

Today is very easy to fly to Jogjakarta from Jakarta and Surabaya, also from other cities in Indonesia. There are many budget airlines fly on daily Basis to Adhisucipto airport in Jogjakarta.


Budget airlines park in Adhisucipto airport, Jogjakarta

Jogjakarta is always famous with students. Besides, rich of cultural heritage, It also offer variety of cheap food streets to a royal cuisines. So for foodie lovers like, Jogjakarta is definitely a heaven:)

During my stay, I visited one of a well known royal cuisine restaurant, Bale Raos and had lunch there. The restaurant gained it popularity from mounth to mouth advertisement. What made Bale Raos so unique is because, a restaurant serve a royal authentic foods, Javanese kings food’s favorite. In the menu, you will find, favorite menu of Hamengkubuwono VII to Hamengkubuwono X.


Main gate to Bale Raos restaurant

Do you know that the word Bale Raos is a Javanese words. In which, Bale is stand for house and Raos is stand for Taste. A restaurant is placed in a green old Javanese house, House Joglo, located in alun-alun Jogjakarta.


Joglo house where a restaurant is

Since it was only two of us, me and my cousin, we only can afford to purchase 2 type of authentic foods and drinks. They were so delicious so yummy..

The foods we ordered were:

1. Bistik Jawa: This menu was often serve for Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX.
2. Gecok Kambing: The favourite dish of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX (1940-1988)

The drinks we ordered were:

1. Sereh: It is a herbal drink, one of favorite drink princess of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X
2. Beer Jawa: a non alcoholic drink that is made from herbal too and used to be drink by a kingdom family to warm up their body in a cold time


The first top on the left to the right is Bistik Jawa and Gecok Kambing, The botom left to the right is Beer Jawa and Sereh

Camera 360

Fresh herbal drinks, say cheerss….

After we were full, we took a manual cab, Becak (cycle rickshaw) to take us around to see the city:) It’s quite fun though and a great experience!!


Inside becak, enjoying the city


Some views of the main road

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