Sporty day: Petro Cup events in Jakarta

On June 16th 2013, Jakarta host a Petro cup event. It is a yearly mountain bike event held by oil and gas company in Indonesia, like Conoco Philips, Pertamina, Total and Vico. There are many more of course:)



I came to Petro cup by the invitation of my cousin who works in Vico Indonesia. She participated in ladies individual mountain bike.

Congratulation to her won in a 2nd place, after Conoco Philips;) – it’s a worth event to watch. Many good looking guys haha…and they look sexy with sweating look!!. My eyes drolling LOL.




My cousin only practice for 4 days to prepare herself for Petro cup. Meanwhile, her competitor who won the first place is an Asean mountain’s biker. She for sure has those experience both phisycally and mentality.

However, I learnt one thing from my cousin. A natural born sport person can beat all of them:). But practice makes you become the best!

Vico Infonesia for man’s individual and group competition also successfully secure it place on the second and 1st.



I always love sport. My parents and mostly my family do sports. So yeah..we actually born very sporty. It just now I am doing more a dance sport- Salsa;)

But really sport is not only good for your body but also your state of mind.

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