Cuban Salsa Fiesta !!! First time in Asia


CUBAN SALSA FIESTA DE INDONESIA!!! Surabaya will be the city to go on this coming SEPTEMBER 27,28 and 29, 2013.

For the first time in Asia, all the way from CUBA is coming YANEK REVILLA, which, along with RAFAEL NAVARRO and DAMARIS MORALES will make sure this first CUBAN FIESTA, brings all the sabor latino you deserve.

Live performance of PRIMAVERA BAND and all the way from FRANCE, DJ LIONEL ” EL FARANDULERO MAYOR together with the charisma of MC REYNO”.

This party promise to be unique! workshops, performances, general dancing, all in the best CUBAN ambiance you’ll ever be! So, don’t miss the chance and keep up with the coming updates of the tickets, to join us!! Nos vemos en SURABAYA!!!!

Book your flight ticket now. Salsaleros from around the world will gathering in this party and Surabaya will host you and ensure you have a great party for 3 days!!!.

Further info will upload soon. X

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