Why two people who love each other should get marriage and pursue a wedding certificate

These days, young couples or new era generation don’t see the importance of getting marriage. To many of them, living together and sharing a households together, act like a husband and wife already show their strong feeling about each other. Therefore, they think that there is no urgency of getting marriage. The worst tought is marriage only about a certificate!.

Let me ask you and please answer it with honesty.

1. When you have a house, does your house certificate important for you?. Why?. Of course, it is exclusivity statement that you are the owner of the house and not your neighbour.

2. When you buy a car, does it important for you to have the car certificate?

3. When you have shares, do you have those paper works, state how much  you have?

4. When you buy a diamond, do you seek for an authentic certificate too?

Can you see?, all valuable things in the world come with a certificate. And so love and a relationship.

For couple who can see that their relationship is valuable and worth it, they will be more than happy to get marriage and will take this seriously.

In contrary, when you have a partner who don’t want to marry you but want to live together with you, ehmmmm….ask to yourself for the answer…

To my opinion, for a partner who don’t want to get married and said it’s not important or using the aliby that it is only about paper works and certificate, means that you are not yet the most valuable asset to them. They still open them self for someone better than you to come to their life:-)

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