Beauty gadget: Rotating mascara by Flormar cosmetics

I would call this an automation mascara. This is the coolest beauty gadget I had ever bought. Why???

Because it helps girls who has a little eyelashes to look fabulous without tweezers eyelashes. What a great innovation in beauty kits isn’t it:-)


Flormar is an Italian brand which produce in Turkey since 40 years ago. Nowadays, Flormar has become a national brand in Turkey and a part of Turkish beauty routine.

So, what a cool thing about rotating mascara from Flormar?.

There is mini battery (watch battery size) to make a brush movement. All you need to do is only to press the button for an on and off.


The price for the mascara itself is about €18 or 180.000,- in Rupiah.

Flormar products are now available in 4 continents (source: website). I hope Flormar would enter Indonesia market soon:-).

So guys, in a case you are in Turkey, try visit one of their shop.

*I am not a part or related to Flormar cosmetics brand. This is only my personal beauty review.

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