Stay honest for your feeling to someone you are interested with. If it means to be together, it will be…

Are you in love to someone? or are you still in love with someone from your past and have been keeping this feeling inside you. Freaking out to show him/ her about how much you want him/her in your life?. But you want the person badly?

Hey guys, you are not alone! – So many people there who never take a risk to let the other person know about their feeling for many reasons; they don’t want to brake up a friendship, they are afraid of rejection, and many more reasons (but those two were very common). What happen to them who hide their feeling are, they always assume and have this what if question. Can you make a peace with that thoughts?? off course not.

Let me share to you my personal experience of being honest to my ex crushed about my feeling and, my cousin’s experience for chasing the guy over a year and try to won him.

Story 1

I wrote in my previous post that, my cousin, Rifa was in love to this guy L. They first met each other in a workplace a year ago. They had a complex situation, both of them live in distance, yeah different city. So it was a challenge for Rifa to won his heart.

She try her best to show him his feeling. She gives him attention trough text massaging and visited him whenever she can and available. They both act like a couple, they were holding hands, kissing and hang out together. What lack and miss between two of them were a statement. My cousin confuse about his feeling to her. Did they a couple yet? oh not yet really. Because after 1 year together, she feels more like a friend of benefits (if you know what that means). He never talk about feeling and only be with her when he wants only. He was never been in an emotionally available with her.

So, finally she expressed her feeling directly on a one romantic dinner night. She express her feelings in getting to know his feeling too.

After one year of making an assumption, thinking and wishing, finally she knows that he never into her. He didn’t want an exclusivity.  Off course, Rifa was feeling dumped, but it was also the best decision for her to asked him. So no more guessing and assuming. Everything is clear now, that he never want her in his life. So, now Rifa still in pain but feel release. She is trying to build her self confident again to be ready to meet a new guy in the near future.

Story 2

I talked about what I did finally to express my feeling to my ex crush in my previous post too. I sent him a text massaging via skype. Were waiting for two days until he finally replied it.  Yes he replied it. Basically he was honest to me that he used to had a feeling on me. He said he will always want to hang out and spend time with me.

Do I happy with this replied? not yet. He didn’t clear up his feeling and what he wants from me.  But, I took my cousin’s advise to start pursue him if I want him back in my life. So, now I am the one who approach him. I did what he used to do to me, sent a morning text and start a conversation.

I feel satisfy that he always reply my text and never delay it. The other night, he was the one who sent me a good night text.

It is just started, I start everything all over again. I took it as my consequences of cutting him off first. But, I am more than happy to show him my feeling.

The lesson we learnt were, always stay the true with your feeling. Being honest to the person we like about our feeling will not kill us. It will give you a self satisfaction, no matter what the outcomes are. At least, if the result doesn’t meet your expectation, there will be no more “What If” question on your mind. You know that you don’t have to waste your time to think about someone who never think and want you back:-)

Good luck girls!

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