Guys are suck but we love them, so what!!!

We all have our won love problems. Either you single or already in a relationship. So this written is about the fact that 2 0f us (me and Rifa) plus another 2 strangers that we met last weekend: Steph and Steph (yeah, 2 different girls with the same name) were in the same circumstances,we were in a complicated love’s life. So 4 of us, were in love to different guys but in so so matter.


Rifa & Nika



A year ago Rifa were about to get married to another guy, until she met this a new guy who change her perspective about a man she wants on her life. Suddenly, she decided to called off the wedding and choose to chase this guy. It’s been a year now and she is still not yet won him. This Sunday, I actually accompany her to had dinner with this guy. Well, that day was the day that Rifa will tel him exactly how she feel about him.

SHE DID eventually. However, no response from him. Yes, no response…he didn’t reply it back. He only smile and said, I miss you a little!

Meanwhile, I also facing kind of situation but different romance life. I was stuck on him that I cut off from my life a year ago. He stayed inside my head, and this feeling was killing me. I wish I could come to him and tell him the way I felt about him and how I wish about us. It has been a year and he still on my head!. Oh man, how to get rid of him, If I choose not to.

After the dinner, we hit Union in plaza Senayan for cocktails. Not to forget about today, but to have a little bit relax and forget about today. As we sit at the table bar, there were 2 girls who sat next to us.

Coincidentally, we started the conversation with strangers girls next to us about white wine to special cocktail of the day and had chit chat with bartender. Funny was, suddenly we started to open up about our love’s life. You know what, we were in the situation  facing the guys who are complicate our life, but yet cannot live without:)

Steph 1 has a boyfriend who always call her fat. The other Steph has a crush to her best friend who is recently just broke up with his girlfriend. However, his excuse about the distance made them cannot be together. Steph 2 lives in Jakarta and the guy live in another city. So this how strangers were united in the name of love:-)


The strangers


The strangers – welcome to the club

Suddenly we empower each other, we give advice to another to strong us and give a clear pictures about what the to do next.

I took their advice, I wrote to S about how I feel via skype. I wasn’t sure if it was something right to do. But I feel release….I know it probably not the best solution. I probably late, he probably already met someone new. But I feel release with all these hidden feeling. The decision is now on him. Either he would take me to his life or leave me behind as a part of his past. I don’t care anymore.

I haven’t received any reply yet from him….he knows where to find me and his decision if he will reply it or leave it as it is. But I set myself to be free..yes free about this feeling. I am more than happy to let him know. I don’t want to wait any longer….I am decided to move on, I am worth it.

Rifa continue to meet his crush in the next day, She feels happy about it. Meanwhile, I only wait for S to reply, but I can;t wait to long anymore. I will finish this asap and be loved again. I am done.

I also wish good luck to beautiful strangers that I met – double Stephs. I hope they can get their wish soon in a better way. I found Rihanna song can represent our feelings. I hope I will have a more happy song in the near future. Enjoy stay by Rihanna

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