My experience in applying a new apartment loan from Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI)

I always want to have a residence in the center of Jakarta city. Besides closer to many favorite places, office also for time management. Yeah, Jakarta is a traffic city. I don’t want to grow old on the street:)) I used to think that will be impossible for my income level to have a place to stay in the city center:). Luckily, in the past few years, Jakarta is booming with apartment development, from medium to high class apartment in everywhere. Until, I finally found this new development: Apartment pakubuwono terrace. Located not to far from Gandaria city mall. Approximately about 10 minutes by car, It is also very good for value of the money. Good area, close to everywhere and the price is moderate (I bought it when it wasn’t build yet). Off course  I did cross check about the developer background and the parties which involve like, who is the ME consultant and contractor etc. Once, I can trust it, then I go for it:))

Today, is my first time experience dealing with the bank woohooo:). Yes, I took a loan to cover the rest of the money that I owe from developer, about 70% from total value. This is what I did when I choose for the bank:

1. Which bank could give me the lowest interest rate

2. Which bank could give me the lowest period of borrowing

3. Since I am planing to finish my loan as soon as I have the money, then I also choose which bank that could give me a lowest penalty charge:)

After so many consideration, my choice go to Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI). BNI has a special promotion on interest rate, 7.5% per year for the first 2 years. Afterward, it will follow a market interest (fluctuation).


Signed the agreement with BNI


Confirmed, I got the loan:)

So for you who want to have your own apartment, why not to go for bank loan. It is your investment for long run:) – We have to start our own investment as soon as possible. Don’t over spending your income for coffee and clubbing…start early the better:)

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