Be strong!! Find your values, Never lower your standard. The person who loves you will adjust to it to keep you.

Hey!! How are you?? How’s your romance life. Are you happy, are you okay?

If you are happy now and find your great soul mate, I am happy for you! – I wish to be very soon as happy as yours, even more:)

What about you who are sad now? What happen, your boyfriend could not meet your expectations?. Are you tired in a relationship that you are in now. You want to keep it but you don’t know if you have to stay or not?. Or, maybe you…you met the person that you want to call the one. But, what did he do to you?? He changes, he is not the person you know at the first place?. Or, did he leave you for no reason?? and so many painful reasons for you now to cry and sad about your romance life. All you want now is actually very simple. To loved and to be loved. Isn’t it??

Darling out here….there is no perfect human being and there is no single a perfect relationship. Unfortunately, to have a healthy and happy relationship, it needs two parties, man and woman to work hard on it. However, when everything seems no way out for many reasons, please to keep in your mind that this is for good. Never ever blamed yourself to a situation’s result that you can’t control. Yes baby…everything happen for reason. Even though often it is hard for us to see the reasons quickly:)

Everyone must be ever been hurt. Me too, you too. The difference between people are on how they deal with it, with the pain, with unanswered questions that left on your mind.

So how?,  How to deal with this feeling, with the pain?, tired of thinking about someone who is not thinking about you back…I have been in that situation and this is what I was doing to make me feel better… and I hope it will help you feel better too. Feeling better about who you are, about your current situation and gain more positive thinking about your future.

#Number 1: Respect yourself
I know your first 6 weeks is damn hard without him. But, respect yourself. Give yourself a time to understand about who you are and how you want to be treated. Never begging him, don’t start the contact. Really really give your self a time to feel the pain, to cry to be sad..whatever you feel about a relationship. Feel it, don’t try to avoid and pretending.

#Number 2: Forgive yourself and forgive him
Yeah it sounds crazy. But you have to. Give yourself a time to forgive yourself. Yes, forgive yourself!. Don’t blame yourself over the situation that happens. Also, forgive him. Let it be….Forgive is the hardest part, because this is the time for yourself to except! But forgive will help you to heal…

dont think

#Number 3: Make a list of what you hopes from your future partner.
Yes baby, from now on, its your job to make a list of what you want and needs, also what you don’t want and need. Determine one by one and put the 5 top priority. This actually create values that cannot be bargain and tolerate.  For instance: You want a boyfriend who will allow and support you to have a further study. See? – so, it a must, you need someone who will support you in this thing. That probably for other is not important, but for you It is very important.

#Number 4: Always honest to yourself
Often I met people who are with somebody not because they madly interested with them. But to be in a relationship, out from single status. Please baby never do it to yourself. Be honest, if he doesn’t seems right for you, don’t go for it. Never bargain for your feelings.

Being honest to yourself means, you also need to communicate in start from the beginning of a relationship, what you want. For instance,  if you look for a relationship that will lead to married, tell him. Don’t be afraid to explain and see how he thinks about the idea. If he like you and have the same goal just like you, then it benefits you to not wasting your time.

#Number 5: Be open and happy about your life.
Post the break, continue to find your happiness. Do what you never done, traveling to new places, try new hobbies, find a new job. Anything that you always think to do, do it at this time. Stop feel sorry about yourself. No more sadness.

Life is not complicated, human yes:). Don’t Seattle until you find the one that makes you happy and trust your instinct.

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