Movie time!!! Fast and Furious 6

Finally I watched this spectaculer movie yesterday. I ♡ fast and farious movie even better.

Especially the movie was taken in London. I miss London and London always in my heart.



There is an Indonsian guy, name Joe Taslin on the movie, act as a bad team one. There was also 1 line word in Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesia language) “hantam saja”. Means Just do it!

This one, was very entertaining, fun and showing a lot of love and strong relationship. My favourite scene was Gisselle hand off her from his boyfriend (his boyfriend was trying to save her) to save him from bullets. Gisselle was dead.

Its called love and you know that it is love when you have each other back.


Well recommended movie of this year ♥♥♥

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