The New Garuda Indonesia airlines model: BOMBARDIER CRJ1000 Next Gen

Since October 2012, Garuda Indonesia launched its mini airlines type called Bombardier CRJ1000 Next Gen. I actually had few experiences flying with Bombardier, with a destination: Surabaya to Makasar and Surabaya to Bali (two way). With the capacity seats for 96 seats, its quite mini airlines:). But I like the simplicity of Bombardier. It small, simple, and clean.

Since I used to fly with Garuda Indonesia and I am a member of Garuda frequent flyer (GFF) GOLD. I only lack of one thing with Bombardier, It is an entertainment. To my opinion, what differentiate Garuda with other local airlines is the entertainment service and cleanness.

Now, with Bombardier, I feel like I am flying with typical local airlines:). I couldn’t carry a big hand carry to cabin:(

Over all my experience with Bombardier CRJ1000 Next Gen was OK. I am alright with Bombardier CRJ1000 Next Gen. I hope Garuda Indonesia continue their good service level and cleanness of the flight.


The head of the airlines


The full Body


The inside

I ♥ Garuda Indonesia

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