Marketing strategy: personalized marketing approach.

I had so refreshing conversation with my friend last night about how to market products and be a market leader in the competition arena.

My friend: Ardhi
He is a lovely person with a huge energy and ambition to be a successful enterpreneur. He is now designing, producing, branding and selling outdoor gear products. In another word, he is running this businness, OWN it. His ambition’s vision is SL will become no 1 premium brand in Indonesia.

My self: Nika
I love marketing science. Especially today, about new era in a marketing world. Where a company and a product needs two of them and cannot leave any one of them: Online and off line marketing. 2 in 1, two strategy for 1 result,  be successful in the market.

So the theme of our conversation last night is HOW HOW HOW to reach the goal.

So what marketing strategy that have you done for your products so far?

I am relying on internet marketing. It is cheaper than doing offline marketing. Besides, online marketing is good to promote my products in a bigger scale of market. Our company create a blog to capture our brand milestones, update our journey and let people get closer to our products and company.

We do also a promotion using social media: Facebook and Twitter.

Sounds cool. How effective do they?- Have you scale the result yet?

We have difficulties to increase number of our community and consumer base.  Our customers mostly know us mouth to mouth, friend to friend’s recommendation.

If your new customers mostly are from existing customers. Means, THEY TRUST YOUR PRODUCT. Trust is the key. If we can gain the trust from consumers mean we gain their loyalty. Further, YES we have to work on how to increase number your NEW consumers. High number of consumers create brand popularity.

My analyses:
Indonesian people are now awake of internet technology. GOOD VERY GOOD. For a small scale to medium business owner, it benefits them to use all free social media as a medium to promote their products and brand, also to have a faster interaction with consumers. However, what I found many of those business owner, minimize or maybe reduce their time spending to have direct interaction with consumers. This is not cool.

Marketing the products doesn’t need to cost you much. As a small to medium business scale, the company should develop a personal marketing strategy. To create a personal approach and enter strategy to their new potential consumers and to keep the loyalty of their existing consumer.

So we summarize and develop new strategy together:

1. To find community related to this hobby. Outdoor activities: Hiker, trekker etc. Community who will wear outdoor gears. BE INVOLVED

2. Use the existing blog to develop two way communications. SL and consumers. From now on, Blog will be more active in writing outdoor activities journal, and ask consumers to share their experience on their journey and use SL products.

3. Gathering. Yes, this is a very conventional activity but I would say, powerful. Meet and greet during the gathering will help consumers meet other people who share the same hobby and passion.

We will try to apply those three first. While we will develop more personalized activities to enter and win the market:)

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