Writing as a therapy and meditation to improve someone health

One day, I watched a news on television about BJ Habibie’s book launching a love book story called Habibie and Ainun.  BJ Habibie, a former president of Republic Indonesia between 1998 to 1999 (one year of presidency) was interviewed by a presenter, in which asking about what his motivation to wrote this book.

I saw him took a deep breathe for a second before started to answer it with a smile. He then, slowly started to explain the background of writing this legendary book.

Just few days after his wife, Ainun passed away, he felt very lonely and lost. This condition was worrying all members of his family because, often the family found BJ Habibie walked around the house in the middle of the night and talked alone. Their concerned to BJ habibie’s healthy issues, had initiated them to invite a family’s doctor to discuss about his condition.

After taking several analyses, a doctor suggest him to choose one out of four methods that was offered, in order to get his health back. Three out of four methods were related to medication and hospital. Only the last method one that finally caught his attention, was to write. So, he chose writing to helps him get better with issues related to his health.

According to Mike from marksdailyapple.com, he wrote that writing help people to express their unspoken feelings. By writing, it helps to trigger someone thoughts to release what they feel inside about the situation. Something that they might not able to tell (Mark, 2013).

In 2005, Keren and Kay released a journal about the effect of writing to physics and psychology health of someone. The outcome of their research stated that a person who write on each occasions as their routines has a better improvements on their health in comparison to who didn’t (Keren and Kay, advance journal 2005).

It shows that if we take sometimes to write as a reflection on each occasion that we face in life, without worrying to much about people who will read it, will definitely help us to maintain our health.

So, are you going to start writing now?

BJ Habibie is one of patience,  out of many who already benefited from writing as a therapy. His book became a best seller and inspired many young generation about a love lesson. Also, they had turned this book into a box office movie too.


This is what I am doing now, writing on my blogs as a part of my personal reflection on my daily life:)

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