Spa review: Bali Ratu Spa in Kuta, Bali


Bali Ratu spa
Jl Kartika plaza no. 18, Kuta, Bali

I am a spa goers, whenever I go, the first thing I look for is a SPA service, where is SPA:). A year ago I used to run a blog specifically to review Spa places that I visited. However, I didn’t renew my website because I concentrated to my professional job. Anyway, I am glad that I am back writing in my new and fresh blog site: www.

Bali Ratu was the first spa that I reviewed long time ago. I did come around two times this year. Their service is still excellence and my therapist who used to handle me also still work in here. She has been working for Bali Ratu Spa for about 7 years:)


Treatment’s room

Bali Ratu Spa, offer variety spa’s menu of Indonesian’s traditional treatment from head to toe. They have a Balinese and Javanese treatment.

Since I was in Bali, off course I tried a Balinese massage. This type of massage is quite differ to a Javanese massage. Balinese massage offer a less pressure and style. Actually, you can notice that the therapist hands massage your body like dancing. Ah well it is difficult to explain, you have to taste it yourself:). I would suggest you to order Balinese massage if you just need a relaxation, and go for a Javanese if you have a problem with muscles or you are extremely tired.


Soaking my legs in a warm water

The treatment start with soaking my leg in a warm water that was also contains salt inside the water. The function besides to clean our feet, smooth blood circulation on my legs, also to bring toxic out of our body. After, I started my two hours Balinese massage. Relaxing time. Taste a little bit of heaven:)


Me, feeling so fresh after a treatment


The therapist

Next time, I will try a complete Balinese body treatment and I will keep it posted:)

I would recommend Bali Ratu Spa to spa goers

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