How I spent my weekend:) – Hair treatment day yeaayyy

I used to color my hair a lot of times. Maybe I changed the color every 4 times in a year. Since 3 years agooooo…I found few of grey hair:(.

It could be because of damage caused by chemical coloring products (I always look something to blame for this cause happens) or this is a sign of my maturity ssggghhhh……………

I already try some advice from many resources: internet, magazine, friends and family on how to minimize  the growth of my grey hairs and keep them healthy. These are some recommendations for them, but none of them works for me!!:

1. Don’t picked up your grey hair! – Once you picked it up, the grey hairs will develop more!!

 Well, no matter how much times I tried to hold myself not to picked them, I just did :p – and yess I got more grey hairs – But I don’t know if this is   related to the theory above or not.

2. Eat more vegetable and fruits that contain high calcium

I did eat leafy greens vegetable like: Brocolli and Spinach. I also consume tomatoes and Oranges more than usual. But no magic happens:(

3. Do sports and reduce number of your stress

I do sports: swimming and Yoga regularly. But how to reduce my stress arrgghhh…I try to do a self mediation as much as I could. Still grey heairs won’t away. Instead it increase I guess:(

4. Do not color your hair – avoid chemical for your hair – use natural treatment!

So yes, this is now what I am doing to my hair. I hired a personal treatment (Someone who do a body treatment from saloon) to come to my house 2 times in a week. She will do a hair treatment from giving a natural cream made from natural ingredients to massage my head until it absorb well.

This is my fourth treatment with her. I pray, I hope, I dream, it will help my hair stay healthy and I don’t get more grey hairs:))


my treatment day with my personal hair dresser:D

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