The Secret & my dream’s book

On September 2012, on the way to find the answer of my worriness about the life, I coincidently visit the secret video on youtube. At that time, I really need a little bit of motivation. The secret is a story about Law of Attraction (LOA) . In which I believe some of us already heard about what is LOA. It just, only some of us who is conscious already apply it in their dily’s life.

I talked to my friend, Winda about the secret video nd also, posted it on my facebook page.  Another coincident even was happen to me. In the next day, my friend came to my house with the secret’s book that is written by Rhonda Byrne. She said, she got it from her collage at work, after she told her about the secret. So, I borrowed it, and read it to finished in two hours.

I relize myself that I did a secret since I was kids and for many many times. It does works. I would say, almost 80% that I imagine and hope for came true unrealisticly. For instance, I succesfully live and work abroad in Singapore and Denmark when I was 22 years old. Remembering my nationality and passport, It would look very impossible. How I work with my dreams are by writing it as a diary. I just imagine what Iwant in life..I don’t ever think on how to get them. It feels like a magnet When it happens for you, It just did.

Today, I am trying to be more organize:). So, I write my dreams in a special book that I called, My dream’s book. I will write all the positives dream I would like to achieve. Like, the place I want to go, a realatonship I want to have etc. I don’t give a specific target on my goals. I just imagine it most of the time. I feel it and I bring my hopes and dreams in every prayer I do. I remember a quote: Do your best, and let God do the rest. If we believe that our dreams will come true, automatically your attitude will act towards your dreams. Keep believing and remember, nothing is impossible. Let’s hang our hopes and dreams in the sky.


My dream’s book

PS: This is my personal experience

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