Istanbul Turkey on April: Tulip festival, Blue mosque, Hagia Sophia, Grand Bazaar

I would say, April is the best month to visit Turkey. The weather is perfect. It is a long day of sunny days and a temperature is between 19 to 20 degree all day. Exactly perfect.

Jakarta-Dubai-Istanbul by Emirates airlines

Jakarta-Dubai-Istanbul by Emirates airlines


Good morning from hotel balcony:P

Do you know that Tulips is originally come from Istanbul, Turkey and not from Holland?? – Yes, It is from Antolia, Turkey. Until in the 16th century Tulip is introduced to western Europe. The ambassador of Constantinople (well known as Istanbul) send Tulip bulbs as a gift to the queen of Holland in 1587. Afterward, Leiden, a botanical researcher from Vienna, was hire to grown Tulip in Holland. Ever since, Tulip gains its popularity that is known until today.

These days, Turkey’s government try to introduce Tulip again by creating a Tulip festival every year on April. When I was there, Tulip was everywhere. It was so pretty…


Peach Tulip


Yellow Tulip


Tulip was every where in Istanbul

While I was in Istanbul, I visited some beautiful historical building in the city: Blue Mosque or known also as Sultan Ahmed mosque, Hagia Sophia’s  church, taken Bosporus trip by cruise and grand bazaar (off course;D)


Main entrance to a Great Palace of Byzantium

Blue mosque or well known as mosque of Sultan Ahmet I is one of the top sights in this historic city. It is located inside a great place area, in an old Istanbul.


In front of a Blue mosque


Inside a Blue mosque

Another interesting place to visit is Hagia sophia or asyasofya. It is a church that is turned to be a mosque. This is one of the most greatest historical building in the world.


Higia sophia or Ayasophia main entrance


Inside Higia sophia 1


Look at to those amazing ceiling at Higia sophia

Are you thirsty, try this fresh orange juice in front of the museum…


Fresh orange juice

I did in Istanbul was taking a cruise for a Bosphorus trip


On the cruise


On the cruise with my girls


Bosphorus bridge in the night. Light up with Philips LED

The last trip is closed with shopping some souvenir in Grand Bazaar


Grand Bazaar for souvenir


In the street


Lunch at Fish market


Special bread sell in a street around grand bazaar

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