Happy Vesak day: Lanterns ceremony in Borobudur temple

Today, Buddhists people all over the world celebrate a Vesak day. It is called as a day of birth celebration of Siddartha Gautama (also known as Buddha). In Indonesia, Buddhists people from all over southeast Asia gather together in Borobudur temple.

What special on this celebration moment is, in the end of the event, people in the temple will release 1000 (a thousand) lanterns to the air. Before it is started, monks will walk around the temple for three times.T his ritual called Pradaksina. Afterward, those white lanterns that special design and come from Thailand will be relesed up to the air. Meanwhile, Budhist monks and visitors will pray send prayer. It is such a great time and a peaceful moment.


Borobudur-lampion. Source picture from UKI-http://www.backpackerforcultureshock.blogspot.com/

 How to get there:

By air, bus, or train to Jogjakarta, central Java. Then you can continue to Magelang by Bus. But if you are with some friends, you may rent a car. The cost is about IDR 300.000,-/day.


There are many cheap hostels and motels around the area. The thing is, many locals operate this accomodation don’t have online pressence. So, you have to look around yourself. Try to find a place that is not to fr from Borobudur temple.

What to be prepared during the event:

Make sure to carry your own drink, ligh meals, power bank and extra camera battrei. This is a full day event. So if your hooby is photography, be thee erlier to get a good spot:)

Please to wear a proper clothes..

Myself, never been there, but next year yes. This information is what I gather from some friends who have been there.



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