So personal – PS: I love you

I have a phobia. My one and only phobia. I am freaking afraid to fall in love to a wrong person:)) – I guess everyone too!

The thing is, I used to be in love to someone when everything has over, HAH?!?!? yeaahh,,that’s right. So, I met this one, and when I was with him, I think to much, over analysed a lot about his treatment to myself, questioning a lot of his capability to be serious in having a relationship with me. Until finally I made a one side decision to get over it.

Time passed by, we are still in touch but off course not that intense. The more I am far from him, the longest time I didn’t hear from him, really drives me crazy. Funny how I missed the way he treated me, missing his presence and Thinking that I was in love. How could be?!?!.

I regret myself that time I didn’t take a risk to love him. I was too scared over our basic differences: Religion. As, I didn’t experience this once, but many times. Well, sometimes, heart needs more time to find the answer. Unlike your mind and ego..

One day, I did a social media stalker, and found  his new girl in his pictures collection…ssghhh..,she must be very lucky to be with him, a such kind and caring person.

The reason, I published my feelings on my blog is, to encourage you guys out there, who are now falling in love. Please…don’t keep it yourself. Let them know. It won’t kill you if it doeasn’t work as it should. Instead, you experience a love’s life. We never knows.

This feeling was killing me, I couldn’t tell and express my feeling to him. How much I want him in my life….

The lesson is learned. I am not afraid to fall in love again. This time, I will make it right. I made a promise to myself.

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