Bali Trips: The famous warung Made

Hellloooo…OMG, Been so busy lately:(

I worked on a project management – so yesterday, I went from one meeting to another! – 3 meetings in a day halleluyaaa:))

Well, me and the team have a very though client, and handling a huge complaint and had very hard on a final price negotiation. So, I was totally not in a good mood…However, the shows must GO ON, so trying to keep my spirit and faith:).

So, for lunch, we had our meals in one a famous restaurant in Bali: Warung Made, at Seminyak. It was a lovely bright day as usual in Bali. But the weather was super super HOT. I feel thirsty most of the time. Therefore, as soon s I arrived in warung Made, I ordered Frizzy drink, SPRITE. Ohhhhhhh……super duper cold!!

Warung Made

Cold sprite to keep the spirit alive:)

Warung Made serve Indonesian, Asian adn western foods. This time, well  was so lazy to read the menu, so I ordered Spaghetti Carbonara – so simple yeessss. But for the dessert, I picked the unusual one! – “Rujak pepes”. Or in English words, its something like a fruit salads, wih gravy sauce hehe

Spagheti carbonara

Spagheti carbonar


Rujak pepes aka Indonesian fruit salad:)

Around warung Made

Around warung Made

I know that every night they have differences kind of performaces. For example, every Sunday, they have Salsa dance in here. I would recommend you to come here when in Bali.

Cheers from tropical island:D

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