Bali Trips: Dinner @Warong Miyabi


Warong Miyabi

Warong in Indonesia language means a restaurant. This restaurant is named after a Japanese porn movie star who used to be a guest stars in a few of Indonesia movie. Sorry guys….I never watch her movies both her porn and Indonesian “normal” movies:)) – not even interested to google it hehehe…

I went to this restaurant out of curiosity. My friends talked about this restaurant many times. So there you go…..I took pictures of some Miyabi signs around resto. Yeah definetely this restaurant sell THE NAME!

Warong Miyabi is located in Tuban street, Kuta Bali. Just in the opposite of Khrisna (famous local gift shops). A restaurant offer variety of meals from western to Asian. We were 3 of us who went for dinner. So we tried 3 dishes. 2 Indonesian foods and 1 Japanese foods.

Chicken with mushrooms sauce

Chicken with mushrooms sauce

1st, my choice: rice with chicken mushrooms sauce (above). I like chicken and the sauce but hate the rice:(. I found some hard rice and bite it sooo hard…I think yhe cook it sinve morning and didn’t warm it up properly yeaaak. So overall, I didn’t finished it.
So below, was my face expressions when I explained and showed my friends about the rice…yeaakkkk….:D


Mixfeelings after eating those hard rice:))

Secondly was called Nasi Campur or Mix 4 to 5 dishes in 1 plate. Again, they are good but  the rice is yeaaakkk….:)


Nasi campur

The last one was this one below…Well, I would suggest you to dine in a Japanese restaurant. Nothing special with this fried beef udon.


Fried beef udon

Lesson to learn today. Famous name hell yeah could invite customers to try. But bad quality cannot hold your customers to stay;)

Cheers from Bali! xx

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