If you want to be happy and rich, start helping people who are in needs.

Source pictures: Blacklemag.com and acelebrationofwomen.org

Source pictures: Blacklemag.com and acelebrationofwomen.org

Do you know, those millionare who continue their succes in their fields and businesses are mostly the one who spend most of their time and money to help others?

Let’s put an example: Bill gates, a co-founder of Microsoft. He and his wife, Melinda are now actively working with education projects and travel around the world. Both of them build Bill&Mellinda Gates foundation and willing to spend their times and money to help people to get a better education.

Logically, for Bill gates who is  one of the richest guy on earth can choose to spend his old times to use his money for fun. Enjoying expensive holidays, dine in many expensive restaurants or buy a lot of branded cothes. I am sure he does those activities I mentioned. In contrary, he also belance his life to do a kind support for people who are in needs.

Another good example is Oprah. For many years, Oprah’s life dedication is to help and empower women around the world. This has made her to be loved by her viewers. She, together with Madonna spend a lot of money to build schools in Africa.

So, do Bill gates and Oprah ever running out of their money for speding their income to help others?. The answer is NO. They are getting rich, YES.

A local good sample in Indonesia is ustadz Mansyur. He always asks people to do sodaqoh as much as possible whenever your circumstances are, in debts, sick, happy etc. I once reading his profile. He used to be in jail and lived in a very sad and bad situation. What he did was spend his money to do sodaqoh or zakat (muslim’s word when we give away our money for people in needs). Now, look athis life. Everything turn 360 degree. He become famous for his dakwah both on air on television and offline, around Indonesia.

There are are still a lot of good examples for this. But I have a limitation of spaces here. I hope after all of you reading my blog, t can give a new perspective that to be happy and rich actually very easy. Start to help others by spending some of your time and wealth.

It is exactly like a wheel that move. When you are giving, You will receive it back. Even more….

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