Middle East Trips: DUBAI for Dessert Safari

Earlier of this year, April 2013, I got an opportunity to visit Dubai. One of my favourite things to do in Dubai and I would recommend to all of you who are planning to come, is t try: DESSERT SAFARI.

Nika pose in a middle of dessert

 Dessert safari team picked up us at 4PM, in our hotel with Land Cruiser that fit for maximum 6 people (include a driver). It took us around 30 minutes untill finally reach an offroad meeting point. In there, already group of tourists and around 15 Land cruisers ready to offroad riding and drive us to a restaurant for dinner and enjoy sunset. It was an incredible experience. We spent around 1 hour on the dessert, super COOL!!!

Dessert Safari2

Landcruiser and dessert

Dessert gate 2

Dessert gate restaurant, middle east foods, belly dancing, camel riding

When we arrived in a restaurant called Dessert gate, a sunset is just started. It was wonderful. The main enterance of the restaurant full with small fires as a light to show te way in and out. Ah, and there is an aladin tea pot and camel too in the outside:).

We spent 3 hours in the restaurant. Besides enjoying our foods, we also watch a Belly and Turkish dancing. A Turkish dancing performace was awsome. A dancer used LED light to make some shapes and movement more interested.

If you are planning to come and interested to try this, please visit:


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