Mountain’s lake: Ranu Kumbolo in Sumeru mountain, East Java

Well guys, have to be honest to you that this is my first time hiking a mountain. Not sure if its going to be my last time either:))) NEVER SAY NEVER!

When I agreed to join my friends for a short summer camp in there, I thought it was gonna be a life’s time experience. I felt that I need to figured out what I want in life (I am not sure if I was in the lowest moment of my life…). So I was running away fo a while from my reality of life to Semeru mountain and here was a journey begins.


Friends and togetherness

So, what is Ranu Kumbolo??. It is a mountain’s lake that is located in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, East Java, Indonesia. In order to get there, From Surabaya, we have to go to Malang first and then continue to Tumpang. This is a meeting point before we go to Ranu Pani (a start point). We rent a 4WD car in Tumpang, because the road to get there is not sooooo friendly. Only small road trough 2 hours journey. We stayed over night in Ranu Pani, before finally continue a journey to Ranu Kumbolo in the morning.

Early morning we had a breakfast in a small warung (cafes), served by local ladies of the vilage. Also, registered to the officer. On a registration office, hiker should bring orignal healthy certificate (from hospital) and identity card (KTP/Passport).

Me and friends were planning to do a summer camp there and decided to carried all the equipments by ourselves, NO porter was hired haha….How much is the price for porter??? it is IDR 150,000 – or around $15. You can tell, it was hard and very though!!:).

However, we managed to arrive in 4 hours at camps site. The trekk is so heavy. 2 of my friends were left behind because they couldn’t cope with our speed:). My self almost given up to finished the trekk. But I kept telling myself to push and imagine what we will see in the end of the journey. A night in RK is very cold, thanks god, I bring proper clothes and syal and foods:))

Mountain's lake & lavender

Mountain’s lake, camps & lavender

Over all, after we finished this trip, I felt so recharge body and soul. I gained a new perspective about life. It is such a wonderful self reflection. I made many new friends during the trips, it was one of happiest moment in my life. I would say that now I am braver than before…

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