Got a wedding invitation, coming or not coming??


Hell yeaahhh another wedding session

When we just graduated from university, we have seen many of our friends change their status from in relationship to a bride to be. At that time, we were very happy for them and so excited to come to a party.

Time goes by, every year maybe we had come to 3 to 5 wedding. However, It have been some years past since we graduated. Suddenly we relize that our age will turning 30 and has not yet made a knot.

Are we busy with career? maybe yes, maybe not. Or maybe, we are to busy in chasing a right guy.

Receiving another wedding invitation from besties or cousins sometimes cause single’s 30s feel sick. It wasn’t that we were not happy to hear their wedding. It just, It’s not the same as it used to be. Maybe single’s 30s worried to much for meeting people who will questioning our single status and asking when will we held our on wedding.

Take a deep breath ladies, relax and smile. Nothing to worry, it’s a pretty normal situation. Let’s face it.

Now, what you have to do is, prepare yourself for a wedding party. Dress up and make up. It’s a show time. Show them that you are happy with your life, be confident, and answer their question, don’t run away.

Tell them honest, that yes, I am still single. Ask them if they know anyone else who is single and looking. We never know, maybe your friends or family are willing to set you up for a date.

 Enjoy the wedding party girls…

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