Day trips: Surabaya to Bangkalan Madura

I am so fortunate to be visited by my family from Jakarta: my mum, dad and brother.

This weekend we planed to drive to Madura. Its about 15km far from where I live, Siwalankerto to Suramadu bridge, and 5km to reach Bebek sinjay:) – a famous duck in Madura. So finally, my parents and broher try it, and quite like it though:)

suramadu2Suramadu bridge and main enterance street to Madura Island

bebek sinjay2
My mum pose after the lunch for my blog:)

After lunch, we contnue our trips in Bangkalan, madura. So, we went to an d ercusuar that was buikt by Dutch. Well, what a shame,the surround area was not manage well y tourism and govermet. I don’t think they are aware about this place.

So, we stayed there only maybe 10 minutes for taking pictures. We decided no to climb it because of 16th floor tall:). But, for those who are interested to come inside and climb to the top, it is worth to see.

From Mercusuar, we went to visit Syeik Ono Muhammad Kholil’s mosque. where his graveyard is there. He is the first person who introduce Islam in Madura island.


I had a totally good time with my parents and Madura. Will visit this place again for Bebek Sinjay:) x

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